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Built with Accessibiltiy in mind

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Making business ADA compliant!

Through accessibility driven web design,
Certifications, and VPAT Documents.

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effected by COVID-19?

Responsive Web Design built with accessibility in mind

Accessibility Web Design

It is Kaffeinated Kodemonkey's mission to develop website that are ADA Compliant. Therefore all website are user frendly with Web Accessibility brewed in from the start.

Stop wasting money on a website that drive customers away.

With a platform developed around accessibility your website can adapt to all customers needs and rise above the competition.

Through pour Principles

  • Perceivable - Users must be able to perceive the information being presented
  • Operable - Users must be able to operate the interface easily
  • Understandable - Users must be able to understand the user interface
  • Robust - Users must be able to access the content as technologies advance

Delivering content that is accessible by everyone.