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Our Certified A11y Developer will monitor, update, and provide essential documents, ensuring WCAG and Section 508 compliance. Gain a competitive edge and prioritize accessibility for all.

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Accessibility Audit

ADA Compliance Verification

A POC Certificate is a set of documents that show your website's compliance with ADA regulations. Websites, kiosks, applications, PDFs, and all online content are considered ICT (information and communications technology) and fall under Title III, which prohibits discrimination based on disability in "places of public accommodation." This means that businesses are shifting towards digital platforms, and the ADA rules are evolving to ensure equal experiences online and offline.

By obtaining a POC Certificate, you can demonstrate to your visitors that you value accessibility and strive to provide an exceptional experience for everyone. Additionally, you'll have documented proof of your product's compliance level, how your company handles non-compliance issues, and who to contact if users encounter difficulties accessing or navigating your product.

Who can benefit from this service?

Our POC Certificate service is perfect for anyone who wants to achieve ADA compliance for their digital products. Our Certified A11y Developer will monitor your product for accessibility issues and keep the certification documents updated, allowing your team to focus on the task at hand rather than keeping up with industry changes.

Our Certified A11y Developers

At Kaffeinated Kodemonkey, our A11y Developers are DHS Certified Trusted Testers who use the Trusted Tester process to evaluate your product's conformance to WCAG and/or Section 508 criteria. Our POC Certificate service includes the following documents, along with the A11y Developers' TTID #:

  • POC Certificate
  • Accessibility Compliance Report
  • Accessibility Statement
  • Certificate badge

Our packages are tailored to suit your accessibility needs and budget, ranging from VPATs to POC Certifications, including Accessibility Monitoring.

Always Remember

Automated testing does not replace manual testing. Only a human can determine if a website is ada compliant.
The combination of a Certifed A11y developer and an A11y Platforme will set your team and project apart form others.

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Our A11y Developers are DHS Certified Trusted Testers and employ the trusted tester process.