Press Release

Nov 2019 - Press Release

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Nov 2019 - Press Release

Nov 2019 - Press Release

The Kodemonkey | November 22, 2019

Kaffeinated Kodemonkey Selects Online ADA
as Digital Accessibility Partner

Kaffeinated Kodemonkey is the accessibility driven web design, solution for Government and small business websites and we are happy to announce our partnership with Online ADA.

Online ADA, the leader in digital accessibility solutions, expands online access for individuals with disabilities by helping organizations, businesses, and developers achieve and maintaining compliance with digital accessibility requirements.

With this partnership, Kaffeinated Kodemonkey will now include digital accessibility solutions that pinpoint and resolves issues of digital accessibility and ensures all site visitors enjoy an optimal user experience.

Kaffeinated Kodemonkey is now offering digital accessibility tools and services to all our clients, to ensure equal access for all and avoid legal risk from lack of compliance. With this partnership, we can resolve issues of accessibility by offering compliance audits and monitoring.

Lawsuits for lack of digital accessibility compliance is on a swift and steady rise. Partnering with Online ADA ensures a solid path to compliance with accessibility laws and regulations such as ADA Title III, the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), as well as Section 508 of the American Rehabilitation Act.

Government and Small businesses previously have had limited options to resolve issues in digital accessibility; issues that can be time-consuming and cost-prohibitive to remediate. That’s no longer the case now that Kaffeinated Kodemonkey brings professional expertise in digital accessibility to our clients.

Zack Poelwijk, Online ADA Director of Client Success, says “Online ADA’s mission is simple: to empower companies, governments, and agencies with world-class services to increase digital accessibility. Rising tides lift all ships, and we believe that making the Internet accessible benefits everyone; not just those with impairment or disability. Making the Internet accessible to all starts with making our tools and services attainable to all; we’ve built our solutions to be effective and affordable, allowing us to reach and impact a larger audience. We know digital accessibility is difficult and we’ve taken the complexity out of it, allowing our clients to focus on what they do best while allowing us to do the heavy lifting.”

“[quote, by an agency executive, about the agency’s commitment to accessibility and the power this partnership brings]“

About Online ADA Online ADA is a national leader in digital accessibility solutions. Online ADA’s tools and technology empowers organizations, agencies, and developers across the world to make the internet equally accessible to everyone. We help achieve and maintain digital accessibility compliance for websites, software, and native smartphone applications.

Thank you for being a valued customer and we look forward to seeing you as a Web Accessibility Client. ~ The Kodemonky