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The Kodemonkey | April 17, 2020


At Kaffeinated Kodemonkey we build and certify websites to be ADA compliant.

We would like to know how many people with disabilities have been affected by COVID-19 from a working perspective. Has your company turned to a remote/work-from-home platform? Are you an employee that can not work form home do to a disability and the way your employers website or software is built?

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Kaffeinated Kodemonkey is not here to point fingers or diminish any business, company or employer. We are specialists in online Accessibility and understand that business may not be ready for this shift in their platform.

This started from a group I was asked to join call ReOpen Colorad. I feel that this is greater that one state and that we need to ReOpen America.

At Kaffeinated Kodemonkey we want to understand how this shift has affected you as and employee, boss, business owner etc.. So we can together, be stronger and work to ReOpen America as well and prepare us and our business for the new normal.

Join us below in our discussion. Let us know what state your are from and how this is affecting those of you with a disability and how you are working through it. We would also like to know how our services could help a business/company that employees people with a disability.