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Advanced Marketing


Setup: $250

Monthly: +$350.0

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Take control of all aspects of your digital marketing and online presence. Allow us to provide you with an all-in-one suite of tools to help you monitor and manage reviews, listings, and social conversations online.

  • Build a presence on an established network of over 70 search engines, social networks, business directories, and more!
  • A video to tell the world about your company, product or service
  • Use happy customers to win new customers: Leverage the voice of brand champions to improve your clients’ online word-of-mouth. Invite existing customers to share their experiences online so new customers know your clients can be trusted.

What's Included?

  • Business listings are corrected and quickly synced to 40 key sites in 30 days and we continue to grow your listings across the internet
  • Email alerts of any online activity & monthly reports
  • One minute video that uses a professional on-camera spokesperson in a business-like setting with custom graphics, announcer voice overs, and “b-roll”
  • Social dashboard, to generate leads, schedule ready-to-publish content, and collaborate with your clients all from one place
  • Gather customer experiences to boost online star power and drive more business. Collect their valuable feedback and show up where they are looking


The Introduce Your Company video is a one minute video that uses a professional on-camera spokesperson in a business-like setting with custom graphics, announcer voiceovers, and “b-roll” (which is video and/or images of the company or product).

Here's what a Your Company video would look like!

[Watehc Our Video]

Every business has a website. A Your Company video can supercharge your website by helping to communicate effectively with your audience. Use the video everywhere: website, social media pages, YouTube, email marketing, and landing pages.

  • You are 53 times more likely to show up first on Google if you have video on your website.
  • Adding a product video to a landing page can increase your conversion rate by 80 percent.
  • Mobile users prefer video to text and mobile video viewership more than doubles every year.
  • 98 percent of Internet users say they have watched a video to learn about a product or service.
  • Facebook users are seven times more likely to like or share your post if it includes a video.


Using our easy, web-based dashboard, you select all of the custom aspects of your video!
  1. Select from our large selection of on-camera spokespeople—even select what they will wear on camera.
  2. Then select the studio background, the graphics, the voiceover artist, and everything else that will make up the video.
  3. Add a script.
  4. Your selected spokesperson will shoot your script in front of your selected background.
  5. We will deliver the fully edited video with custom graphics within two business days.
Once the full order is placed and submitted in the product dashboard, the completed video will be delivered within two business days.

There are no country restrictions. Videos can be produced in English or Spanish. Each video will be created in one language.

Please note: Videos in Spanish may take up to seven business days to complete.

We deliver the video in two standard formats: MP4 and MOV. You will receive a link to download both versions.

Your video can be up to one minute long. Studies show that customers prefer business videos that are less than one minute.

YouTube provides free hosting/streaming and you can embed your YouTube video on your website. You can also upload videos directly to Facebook and LinkedIn.

Yes! We upload all videos to an Amazon S3 server an provide you with code to either link to the video or embed it on your website.

Yes! You will receive an SRT file will a time-coded transcription of your video at no extra charge.

SRT files sometimes cost as much as $50 per minute of video to produce. You can upload the SRT file to Facebook and YouTube with your video. The SRT file is human-generated, as opposed to the computer-generated caption option on most video and social media platforms, which means it is more accurate. Closed captioning is important (and sometimes required) for helping the hearing-impaired understand your video. But it is equally important for your entire audience because many people prefer to watch videos with the sound turned off (because they are in the office or other environments where sound would be a distraction).


Advertising Inteligance

Social media is hard to do on your own. You need to come up with a nonstop stream of relevant content and engage with customers across all social channels, every single day.

We help by giving your business one place to stay social. Generate leads, schedule ready-to-publish content, and communicate with your followers all from one place. Finally, a tool that makes managing social media simple.

  • Post everywhere from one place: Publish and schedule posts for all your social accounts including Facebook, Instagram, Google My Business, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+.
  • Engage your followers: Connecting with your followers is simple. Respond to customers, share ready-to-post content, and build stronger social relationships with your followers.
  • Generate social leads: Discover new leads on Twitter and engage them with the click of a button!
  • Mobile-friendly: Use on any device, any time—this means you can post and respond in the moment, and never miss a beat.


It's easy! By setting up a list of searches, you can find customers in your area and start an immediate conversation. Here are 3 easy steps. First, find words and phrases that relate to your products or services. If you’re a locksmith, try “locked keys in the car”. Next, respond to the relevant search results by starting a conversation or making the person an offer. And finally, seal the deal and fulfill your end of the bargain. The system will automatically record all conversations for future viewing.
Companies know that customer service is important, but a lot of businesses still haven’t formed a specific strategy for addressing online concerns and building social relationships. With 89% of U.S. consumers saying that they’ve gone to a competitor after a poor customer service experience, it’s clear that a business’s ability to listen to complaints and provide solutions is linked to its success.
Did you know that 90% of small businesses have Facebook pages, but that almost one-third of them have less than thirty-two fans? Building an engaged audience can be difficult, and for many local businesses, it’s the reason why they quit updating their pages long ago. In order to create a successful following on social media, every post needs to have value. This means posting timely, relevant, and engaging content.
  • Post calendar―Effectively manage and schedule posts using a convenient calendar view
  • Mobile-friendly—Fully mobile responsive so you can work how you want
  • Analytics—Rich engagement statistics on your social posts
  • Lead finder—Configure keyword searches and geo targeting to find and engage with your target audience
  • Ready-to-post content library—Use your favourite RSS feeds to discover great content to use in your social media marketing
  • All-in-one composer—Post to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google My Business, Google+, and LinkedIn
  • Direct Instagram scheduling―Plan Instagram posts in advance and then sit back as they are published automatically
  • Google Posts support―Promote your clients’ upcoming events, make special announcements, share timely offers and more
  • Configurable notifications―Get notifications on new leads, customer replies and more
  • Customer engagement―Get an aggregate view of all customer posts and respond to them directly



Advance Reporting

Get found. Generate traffic. Grow revenue.

Establish accurate business listings and appear in more places across the web. Packed with three powerful presence management tools—Listing Sync, Listing Distribution and My Listing—this is the most comprehensive business listing solution on the market.

[Watch Our Video]

  • Listing Sync: Quickly establish accurate business listings on dozens of reputable sites. Plus, sync to Google My Business, Facebook, and Twitter for no additional charge.
  • Listing Distribution: Build accurate business listings on the four major data aggregators—Factual, Acxiom, Infogroup, and Neustar Localeze. These aggregators are referenced by over 300 websites.
  • My Listing: Create a mobile-responsive business listing that is optimized for local search.
  • Google Insights: Understand how your business is performing on Google Search and Maps. Google Insights in Listing Builder provides a valuable glimpse into your customer's activities.


A strong online presence is the first step toward success. Your customers and prospects need to be able to find you, both online and in the street. Ask yourself this, when was the last time you went out to eat at a new restaurant or planned to go see a new movie and did not look it up online first? Chances are, you did some research beforehand and it's extremely likely that your customers are doing the same. When customers and prospects look you up online, make sure they can find you and that the information they come across is correct.
For SEO, priority is given to good customer experience on mobile devices. Consumers will use mobile devices to find desired goods or services and will generally begin these searches with a category or brand search. For example, a brand search is “Joe’s Pizza in Denver” and a category search is “Pizza in Denver”. (Note: On a mobile device the “in Denver” often does not need to be explicit.) In the case of a category search, the user has intent to purchase something in a category but has not decided or does not care about the brand. In these searches, the user’s intent is generally heavily skewed toward proximity and location. So search engines generally deliver the closest locations and it is therefore important that location information is crawlable, is displayed on each page, and is in meta-data and keywords.

Boostability SEO

Boostability SEO makes it possible for businesses like yours to compete online by moving your websites higher in local search rankings. Why is it important to rank well on sites like Google and Bing? Because over 80% of consumers search online before making a buying decision. Boostability will help your website rank higher, get noticed, and drive more sales.

The Boostability SEO | Bronze offering includes:

  • 6 SEO Hours: Each of our SEO tasks is assigned a value in minutes. The number of hours in your SEO package determines the number and type of activities that we can perform each month.
  • 1 Optimized Page: We will recommend or perform optimizations on one of your website pages per month.
  • 1-2 Targeted Keywords: SEO work will focus on these keyword search terms.
  • 5 Tracking Keywords: We will monitor these additional keywords to identify search terms that may be a better choice to target.
  • Affordable SEO with no obligation: Boostability offers comprehensive, high-quality, US-based SEO at reasonable prices.
  • Experience and technology: We’re helping over 26,000 businesses boost their search rankings and we manage over 61,000 keywords. This experience, coupled with our industry-leading technology, gives us access to vast amounts of data that keeps us ahead of other SEO providers.
  • Complete transparency and measurable results: Boostability’s powerful reporting dashboard shows you exactly where your SEO dollars are going.
  • Campaign Monitoring: Boostability monitors every SEO campaign to identify areas of improvement. We also provide monthly updates on campaign performance to ensure your goals are being met.


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It’s the work that goes into a website to make it appear higher in the results of search engines like Google and Bing.
Search engines like Google look at two things when evaluating your website and deciding where to rank it - RELEVANCE and TRUST. RELEVANCE is the content of a website and the code behind the scenes. If your code is optimized and the content on your site is relevant to a search, Google will move you up in the rankings. TRUST refers to how many other sites on the internet are linking back to your site. If a large number of high-quality sites are pointing to you, Google will start to trust you and move you up in the rankings.
Good SEO can’t be done overnight, it takes time. Many of our customers start to see results in 3-4 months. In fact, over 80% of our small business clients can reach the 1st page of Google after 6 months if the right conditions are met.
Yes! As long as your business offers a viable product or service at a reasonable price, then SEO can move your website higher in search rankings and drive more sales.
Boostability provides total transparency into all of the work that we perform. Each client is being given access to a custom reporting dashboard that shows every single SEO action being performed both on and off their website. You will be able to track every dollar of your SEO spend, as well as monitor keyword movement and overall performance. We also provide monthly updates to all SEO customers to review campaign activity and performance, ensuring that your goals are being achieved.
We do not recommend using SEO as a replacement for what you’re currently doing. SEO compliments other forms of advertising like print and radio, and you will see the most impact by adding Boostability SEO to your current marketing efforts.