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March 27, 2019 | The Kodemonkey

POUR Web Design

Kaffeinated Kodemonkey is an Accessibility Driven web agency. Our goal is to develop websites with all users in mind no matter the disability or technology.

But what does all that mean? In other words, our focus is on building websites that are ADA compliant or accessible to people with a disability. From a platform designed around accessibility to making sure our client's content is accessible.

We do this through a process called POUR Web design.

The WCAG put forth principles to follow when developing websites for ADA compliance and each principal has a set of guidelines.

The WCAG Principles and guidelines

Each principle has a set of guidelines that are broken down into what is known as WCAG Criteria. At Kaffeinated Kodemonkey we design, build, certify and validate websites based on these principles and their guidelines to make sure all sites are are ADA compliant and as a business you are reaching all your visitors where they are.

The Principles are as follows:

Our Blog Series

Follow us as we walk through each criteria of each Principle and explain in simple tears how to meet the guidelines. If you are not on our mailing list you can sign up on the left of this post and get notified when we post the next blog in this series.