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Heather Welsh ~ The Kodemonkey

Owner, Developer & Accessibility Specialist

Our mission is to build POUR websites that are accessible with any devices and technology.

For most of my career, I have worked in the private sector, education and government.

During employment in the education sector, I learned about Web Accessibility and how important it was to online documents and websites. Therefore I attended a training class for Web Accessibility to further understand how it pertained to websites.


  • 2004 - Associate in software engineering
  • 2012 - Ruby on Rails Certification
  • 2017 - Web Accessibility training

New Found Passion

I am not scared to admit I am disabled. Now it is not a physical disability, it is a learning disability call dyslexia. Yes, I have struggled with it over the years, however, I refused to become my disability. Once I learned about Web Accessibility I knew this was my calling, my way to give back and help open the eye of businesses owner to the important accessible for their website and how it can drive traffic.

I can use my personal life experience to explain that sometimes it is hard to read a page because of the font or color choice.

I not only explain that flashing objects or scrolling text is distracting. I also offer a solution on how to reduce the effect it has and how to build a site that is inviting and easy to read.

Through the passage of time

Knowing that companies receiving federal funding were required to follow Section 508 guidelines and in some cases have to fill out a VPAT document to receive a grant or complete an RFP (request for proposal), I saw a growing need for Accessibility withing the online community. I decided it was time to jump entirely into my business full time rather than just a freelancer developer on the side.

I want to make a difference and help business' develop a strong presence on the web in doing so I believe that they need to be accessible to reach every potential client or customer searching for their product or service. I also want to help companies that are already thriving online stay that way by becoming ADA Certified.

Kaffeinated Kodemonkey started offering POUR websites and ADA Certification.

What is a POUR website?

POUR (Perceivable, Operable, Understandable, Robust) websites are site built with Accessibility in mind. When a site is built using POUR design it naturally becomes responsive, search engine and user-friendly. A website with POUR design on average will not only rank better but has the potential to retain visitors.

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