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Kaffeinated Kodemonkey strives for accessibility on all sites. Our focus is on helping rural communities and local government excel online with a website that meets WCAG and Section 508 standards. We work with you on a development plan that will fit your business needs.

By leveraging a platform developed with accessibility baked in from the ground up you can rest assured that your site will perform on any assistive technology and be responsive right out of the box. This allows us to focus on making the layout and content accessible. Saving you time and money.

Why do we do this?

Just as a brick and mortar store has to follow ADA guidelines so do online sites and electronic documents.

We don't want you to lose business because someone cannot access your site due to a disability. By including accessible from the start you will have a leg up on your competition, increase your SEO ratings, and avoid singling out potential customers.

Accessible site organically gains the following benefits:

  • Helps with SEO ranking
  • Drive traffic to your site
  • Retains site visitors

Get your Accessible Driven Website Today!

Do I Need an Accessibility Driven Website?

Well... We would like to think everyone does however, I am sure there is a reason why one would not want to.

Therefore we use WordPress with plugins to help with accessibility. Keep in mind that not all themes and plugins are accessible and we will discuss the options with you. We will follow POUR Principles to our best ability and make sure your site meets WCAG requirements.


Our packages are built to deliver everything a business needs to be successful with no extra fluff added.

Contact our team and we will help customize a package that is right for your business.


Cost: $299 Setup/$20 mo

What is a Microsite?

Our Microsite offers you a simple responsive design, ADA compliant, and search engine friendly. It includes a one (1) page design outlining:

  • Who you are
  • What your service or product is
  • NAP info - Name, Address, Phone
  • Hours of Operation
  • Contact us form
  • Google maps for brick and mortar locations

Recommended Use:

This type of site is Recommended for a business that is on a low budget, just starting, or do not need a large site at this time.

Suggested Add-ons

  • Local Listings: - Get list in Search engiens and directories and drive customers to your site

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Cost: Based your needs

All websites are built on a platform that gives you the ability to grow your online presence as your business grows.

If we use third-party plugins or themes that require a one-time purchase or monthly support fee we will let you know.

You are not locked into a DIY platform that requires an upgrade for additional features like a form, file uploads, analytics, videos, etc ...

What is included:

  • Design & Layout - site template/theme
  • Domain & Hosting - This is billed monthly
  • Local Listing - First year of submission to search engines and directories
  • Proof of Compliance - We will attach a document to your site showing it meets the WCAG requirements

Recommended Use:

This type of site is Recommended for business that are ready to step to the next level and either expand their existing website or dive into a full functioning or ecommers site.

Suggested Add-ons

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Cost: Based your needs

The kodemonkey team has been designing government websites on the SIPA platform for the past 5 years. We understand the ins-and-outs of the SIPA platform and can work around any seemingly impossible issues. We work with government entities that are migrating from another platform or upgrading from D7 to D8.

SIPA developers do a great job at making the platform ADA compliant however it will be up to you and/or your developer to make sure your content is ADA compliant. Kaffeinated Kodemonkey is an expert in Section 508 & WCAG standards and follows POUR design in our development.

What's included:

  • Domain & Hosting (on SIPA servers) - if you do not have a domain we will help you set one up
  • Migration of content from your current site to SIPA platform
  • Proof of Compliance - We will attach a document to your site showing it meets the WCAG requirements

Recommended Use:

This type of site is Recommended for government entities that are located in Colorad only. However if you are a government entity and not located in colorado we are happy to help and can look at other platforms or a custom build.

Suggested Add-ons

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