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VPAT Certification

Is your website ADA compliant? Do you have a VPAT certification?

If not, you are putting your business at risk for an ADA Lawsuit.

Being ADA Compliant is the only defense against litigations. It is imperative to have a trusted third-party VPAT Certification that validates your efforts.

Digital content such as websites and applications fall under Title III which prohibits discrimination on the basis of disability in “places of public accommodation". New lawsuits indicate that private company websites, applications, online documents, and software qualify as places of public accommodation.

Put an Accessibility Partner in our corner.

Our team has developed a VPAT compliance certification process that verifies your website meets the WCAG and Section 508 requirements set forth by the W3C. You will receive:

  • An Accessibility Report
  • An Accessibility Statement
  • A Certification badge

Our packages are designed to fit any Accessibility needs. From VPAT completion to VPAT certification. Our experts monitor your accessibility, let you know when there are ADA compliance issues, and help you remedy them.

At Kaffeinated Kodemonkey our mission is to develop and certify websites to be ADA Compliant by putting an Accessibility Expert in your corner so you can sleep at night.

It is important to understand that Kaffeinated Kodemonkey cannot offer legal advice or offer legal counsel.


Cost: $1500

Are you completing an RFP or has your boss requested a VPAT to be completed?

Many companies attempt to complete the VPAT on their own and tend to miss some issues due to a lack of understanding and knowledge of the WCAG requirements. Furthermore, the VPAT can be a bit confusing when it comes to filling it out.

Don't waste your time and get frustrated let our qualified Accessibility Expert do this for you. Our team will analyze each page and test your site for hands-free access, vision impairedness, low-vision, color-blind, learning disabilities, deafness, low-hearing, and more through assistive technologies. Upon completion we will deliver a completed VPAT, indicating where your site passed and failed.

You will be glad you did and you can rest assured that all issues will be notated and the VPAT will be completed accurately.

Proof-of-Compliance (POC)

Cost: $2599/$1999 Renewal

This is designed for websites that are static in nature. You are not updating or adding new features/content on a daily or weekly basis.

With the Proof-of-Compliance our team will evaluate your site/application, work with you to resolve any compliance issues, and in six (6) months re-evaluate your site/application to catch any new issues that may have result in a redesign, new content or requirement updates.

What is included:

  • Full site evaluate
  • Accessibility Report
  • Accessibility Statement
  • How-To-Fix report detailing issues we found
  • Badge indicating when your site was last evaluated
  • Six (6) month re-evaluation and updated documents

WA Certification

Cost: Request Quote

This is designed for websites or applications that are large in size, have a number of content editors, or are updated frequently.

Examples are College websites that allow departments to edit their own content or applications where codes are being updated daily or weekly.

What is included:

  • Full site evaluate
  • Accessibility Report
  • Accessibility Statement
  • How-To-Fix report showing all issues we found
  • Badge indicating when your site was last evaluated
  • Monthly monitoring and reporting

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