Custom Build

Cost: Request Quote

Monthly Monitoring: $249

*Upgraded to Tech Support Monitoring

Custom builds are for those looking for more functionality than our Rural packages and your primary website builders have to offer. These are sites hat need to collect data and store information in a database, Shopping carts, or a website that would leverage the use of open source date and other API's.

How do I know if I need a Custom Build?

Start by asking yourself the following question. Will my site...

  • Selling Items & require a shopping cart?
  • Taking payment for a servers?
  • Require registration & account set up?
  • Need be integrating with another API?
  • Preform any task that may require access to a Database?
  • Be using a large number of forms & need E-Signed?

If you answered yes to any of these questions you may need a custom built site. However, it is not in our nature to sell you something you do not need. Therefore a developer will talk with you about your needs and further determine if a custom built site is right for you.

What is our platform?

Kaffeinated Kodemonkey uses Alchemy for our basic CMS. Alchemy is a powerful, userfriendly and flexible Open Source Rails CMS. We split the page into logical parts like headlines, paragraphs, images, etc. The only thing we store in the database is text, ids of images and richtext content. Nothing else. No markup (besides basic text formatting inside the richtext elements), no styling, no layout. Pure content!

Using this approach gives our developers the power and flexibility to implement any kind of layout with the insurance that the content manager is not able to break up the layout. Thus allowing the content manager and our copy editors to work freely without disrupting the backend development.

Need a Shopping cart?

The Spree storefront offers a full feature set and is built on common standards, so you don't have to compromise speed to market, efficiency or innovation. The modular platform allows our developers to easily configure, supplement or replace any functionality you need so that you can manage the exact storefront that you want.

At Kaffeinated Kodemonkey it is our philosophy and belief that a fantastic site take amazing people with the right skills to make a site successful. That is why our package is packed full of great tools to help you grown your business. This also includes monthly monitoring of your site to make sure it is performing at its best.

Custom Build

What's Included:

  • 1st yr - Domain and Hosting
  • 1st yr - Listing Distribution on Search Engines
  • Complete custom design including shopping carts
  • Web Accessibility - WCAG2.0 Overview
  • Training to manage site

Monthly Monitoring Includes:

  • ADA Compliance - You are the content expert of your site. We make sure that content meets the WCAG2.0 Web Accessibility standerds at all times
  • Platform updates - SIPA is the expert for the platform. We are in contact with them and make sure to convay any updates or changes that may affect your site.
  • 3rd Party Monitoring - Some site may inclued 3rd party aps like Facebook, MailChimp, or a Formbuilder etc.. We stay on top of the changes & security patches for you & apply them as needed
  • YOU & Your Site - We are here for you. Want to change a feture that requires admin permission? Need help with updating contene? or Just have a question?


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