I am a Colorado native and owner of Kaffeinated Kodemonkey. My passion is to bring affordable website development to the Western Slope and throughout the Uintah Basin to help small businesses, individuals, small government agencies, and non-profits bring their business to the 21st century.

I specialize in working with individuals, small business, local government, small towns, non-profits and special districts to build an outstanding web presence for your business, project or organization. It is my goal to help every person find their spot on the world wide web so they can easily and efficiently be found, be understood, and communicate with, their audience.

The pride I take in my work comes through on your site. I'm not just building websites. I'm building web presences and a network of lasting connections one client at a time.

I began my career back in 1995 when I first learned HTML and earned my associate's degree in software engineering in the early 2000's. By mid-2000 I revived my Ruby on Rails certification to solidify my expertise in modern frameworks and languages. My experience has spanned working for startup companies, large corporations, hackathons and freelance work. Regardless of the context, my top priority is producing outstanding sites.

No project is too small. All business and even individuals need to have a website to compete in the ever-changing, dynamic, online world we live in.

One of my dreams has been to build a platform where jr developers and designer can expand their skills and build their portfolio for a life changing career. By using freelancers I am able to your cost low and pay-it-forward.

I strongly believe in working with local freelancers anytime I can.


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