Who is Kaffeinated Kodemonkey?

I am a Rural development company based out of Rangely Colorado. I moved here 4 years ago from Denver. I have been writing code and building website for over 10 years.

I began learning code 1995, earned my associate's degree in software engineering in the early 2000's, and received my certification in Ruby on Rails in 2012. My learning does not stop there, in Sept 2017 I took a course in Web Accessibility to understand how to build websites that meet the WCAG standards.

My experience comes from working for startup companies, large corporations, colleges, GoCode & hackathons, and doing freelance work. Regardless of the context of my job, my top priority is producing outstanding sites and happy clients. My goal is to make sure your clients/customers can find you and that you are represented online at your best.

What do I do?

I educate small business owners how to succeed online and how to build a winning, customer engaging web presence. I am here to help you grow your business and communities in a way that you can take advantage of online marketing.

I build websites, landing page, and FastTrack the government portal. I understand the needs and concerns of small business owner yet I am patient when boards and associations are involved for I know it can take time.

Where am I going?

I am building a platform that allows jr developer the opportunity to gain valuable skills and experience to obtain the career they want.

I am here to stay, at least for a good while. My vision is to bring CoderDojo to the western slopes and give kids the opportunity to learn, grow, and build the strengths they need for the future.

My vision may be grand however I believe this is something our community needs and I am willing to work hard to see it happen.


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